How to avoid self-flagellation

Conscientious eating isn't black and white - it's about making as much of an effort as your life will allow.

I don't expect that people who come this this blog will do everything I do. Truth be told, I don't always do everything I do in the blog on an everyday basis. Life sometimes comes between me and making fresh pasta or bringing my own bag to the store.

I like to challenge myself to go farther, and as a result, I've got lots of examples of things anyone can do to try to improve their eating and the world at the same time. Use the ideas in this blog as points of inspiration. Mix and match. And let me know your ideas. Like I said, I like a challenge :)

However, while I like a challenge, I also think it's incredibly important to be kind to myself. At its root, food is meant to nourish, not to torture. Becoming too obsessed with doing the right thing can backfire causing feelings of inferiority or rebelliousness.

When I lived in Boston, one of my biggest concerns with going local and seasonal was that lemons don't grow anywhere near Boston. I have such a sour tooth, I couldn't imagine giving them up. So I decided to compromise. With just a dozen lemons, I could happily survive more than a few winter weeks of carrots, potatoes, onions, and beans. (Don't believe me? See my Indian carrot salad recipe.)

So remember that when embarking on the journey to eat more conscientiously, probably the most important thing you can do is compromise.

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