About 14 years ago, I read Animal Liberation by Peter Singer in a college class and immediately became a vegetarian. After a few years my food ideology shifted from vegetarian to freerangitarian. At the time, no one knew what I was talking about when I requested "free range" (and I requested it from businesses and also friends and family, which is one reason I got the nickname "free range"). Fast forward to today and you can find free range meats, poultry, and eggs at many good restaurants and grocery stores.

Did I do that? Oh, I haven't deluded myself into thinking I did that myself. But what I realized is that a small thing done by one small chick (that's me) isn't a waste of time and effort. Over time, more people, with their own ideologies, started demanding free range products. And, power in numbers, here we are.

But now our food choices aren't limited to free range. They're about organic. They're about local. They're about micro-economies. They're about maintaining genetic diversity. They're about sustainability. They're about David vs. the Goliath of agribusiness. They're about saving lives. They're about community. They're about family. And, let us not forget, they're about putting tasty things in our mouths.

And now, inspired by change and armed with technology, I bring you The Freerange Chick, my attempt to give examples of small and large things that we can all do when it comes to our eating habits.

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